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April 6, 2017

Malinois power! Skijoring with Sirius the malinois. Kiersten Lippmann

Sirius, Abby’s son, is one of the most powerful, fastest dogs I, Kiersten Lippmann, have ever had the pleasure of skijoring behind. This big boy can really pull, and is eager to run fast and to please me. I started him out skijoring this year, and have been pleasantly surprised with his natural drives to pull and run hard- he easily reaches speeds of 20 mph with little effort with those long legs of his. Fluffy he may be, but under that fluff is a lean, athletic running machine. Sirius has giant paws and a huge head, and is a very masculine dog. This is a video form earlier this season, before the snow transformed to slush and the skijoring got a bit slower. We had the entire 10 mile loop to ourselves, with the exception of one startled pair of snowmobilers who we of course happened to encounter head-on, going down the steepest, most curvey downhill on the course. I quickly grabbed the dogs and hopped off the trail, and the snowmobilers went by without issue. Those 4-stroke engines are much better for the environment with lower emissions, but are also almost silent, so they snuck up on me. We’ve gone on many skijors since, but I like this video clip best of all, and the music is awesome because we really are “Comin’ round the mountain”. Enjoy!

Until next time, happy skijoring- – Kiersten Lippmann

One Comment on “Malinois power! Skijoring with Sirius the malinois. Kiersten Lippmann

Kiersten Lippmann
April 12, 2017 at 5:08 pm

Sirius is a rocket!


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