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August 28, 2017

Afar Temperament and Health Tests

Above is a photo of Afar training in Czech Republic. Afar has perfect hips, elbows and spine, see the documents below. He also passed the Czech breed survey with flying colors with his certificate reading:

“8 month entire, very strong type, good eye shape and brown colour, a little deep through the top skull, good split to mouth, good pigment, medium ears used well, strong underjaw, good arch to neck, good overall construction, strong bone, very good chest for age, good straight front, good feet, a little long in body, well muscled for age, good side gait, moves well in all directions, very alert, EXCELLENT CHARACTER.”

Judge’s report (Czech)

Below are Afar’s health documents including hips, elbows,and spine. Afar as also tested negative for the SDCA gene, so his offspring will be clear of the neurological disease and early death (affected pups usually die at less then 8 weeks old) associated with this gene.

Spine (spondylosis) check Afar- perfect spine!

Elbow check Afar- clear, no elbow dysplasia

Hips Afar- “A” rating, tight, perfect hips. Best rating possible.

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